Projeto Monitoramento de Baleias por Satélite


The Aqualie Institute is a non-profit organization created in 2004 to develop research projects and actions focused primarily on biodiversity conservation and initiatives aimed at social and economic development and environmental education activities.

It has its headquarters in the city of Juiz de Fora / MG, Brazil. Throughout his career, Instituto Aqualie has worked in more than 40 projects on the coast and in the Amazon region of Brazil, Colombia, the United States and Angola.

Aqualie is the goddess of water and aquatic life; one of the great elemental forces of nature. As one of the most emotive gods, he reacts differently in every situation, always faithful to his essence and in aid of natural laws. Devotion to creation makes Aqualie a perfect balance between good and evil; order and chaos. As a water goddess, Aqualie controls the seasons by limiting the very essence of life represented by water in hot months and bringing it back in the colder, wetter months. She is the provider of all life forms that exist at sea.

In this sense we guide our actions and initiatives, having as Our Mission “Promoting environmental sustainability on the planet through research and education initiatives.”


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As ações para Educação e Conscientização Ambiental têm os objetivos de levar à população as informações e os conceitos que são discutidos e desenvolvidos dentro da Ciência.

Políticas Públicas

Trabalhamos para embasar e aconselhar os decisores sobre as necessidades e condições reais sobre a conservação, preservação, educação e conscientização ambiental.


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